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The Amazing bucket still set-Complete Premium starter kit

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Includes all you need to produce you own vodka with the amazing still. Complete set for the still itself, fermenter, yeast, filter for carbon and also some of our best essences to flavor your vodka. All you need extra is plain sugar that you find at the grocery store.

This is our premium kit with the best heater, precise alcohol meter and more. 

Includes following products:
2 pcs Plastic Fermenter 25 L, holds 32 liter
5 pcs Turbo Pure 48 Hours/18%
1 pcs Funnel Holder for 40 mm Tube
1 pcs Funnel in Chemical Tolerant Plastic, 220 mm diameter
1 pcs Filter Unit, UNO. For 220 mm Funnel
1 pcs Transparent 14 Liter bucket
1 pcs Lid 31.7 cm PP-plastic
1 pcs Small bucket, 1.45 Liter
2 pcs Fermentation lock, odor free
2 pcs Activated Stone Carbon, 0.4 - 0.85 mm
1 pcs Turbo hydrometer for measuring Turbo fermentations
1 pcs Immersion Heater EU with Thermometer. 100W 45-55C, 240V
1 pcs Measuring glass 250 ml, high model
1 pcs Alcohol meter 30-60 % med termometer och korrigeringsskala
1 pcs Extra lid with manchette for Wine Fermenter PP
1 pcs Sodium Carbonate 200g
1 pcs Siphon

Plus essences:
1 pcs Hunters Schnapps
1 pcs PR Extra Dark Jamaican Rum 
1 pcs Cherry Brandy
1 pcs PR Vit Baccara Rum 
1 pcs Irish Cream Liqueur
1 pcs Ambrosia whisky
1 pcs UP Tennesse Whisky 
1 pcs UP Black Elephant Gin Essence
1 pcs PR Ouzo
1 pcs Toffee Caramel Candy Shot

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